Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woosong University 2013 Freshman Talent Festival

Talent festival performance. The 2013 Freshman Talent Festival was held on April 3 at the Woosong Art Center. It was a time for freshmen to express their individuality and passion through performances of singing and dancing. The event proved to be a precious memory for participants and the cheering audience. The first prize went to Son Kyouchan and Lee Gowoon, in the Culinary Arts Department, for their dance performance.

Participation in the Talent Festival is voluntary. Son Kyouchan leapt at the chance to strut his stuff in front of his friends and classmates, he then talked Lee Gowoon into joining him. Their impressive performance was the result of a month of practice in their dorm room and locker room. They also had to pass through a preliminary round judged by the Student Council of the Culinary Arts Department.

Talent festival performers.Lee Gowoon admits, despite all of their practice, feeling very nervous which lead to them making a mistake during their big performance. “But I plucked up my courage thanks to Kyouchan,” she said.

Son Kyouchan said that they were embarrassed when the first prize was announced, but also “glorified and happy”. 

Lee Gowoon adds that while they felt their performance was far from perfect, it was still an unforgettable experience and one they would recommend to incoming freshmen next year. Along with the acclaim of their classmates, the dancing duo won a trophy and a cash prize. They said that they plan on spending the money on a nice dinner for their senior student and friends who helped them with the performance. Lee Gowoon said while their dancing may have looked romantic, their actual relationship is strictly platonic – only friends.

Student head representatives for each department also performed at the Freshman Talent Festival. These upper classmen performed in multi-department teams. Their shows were to promote the spirit of Woosong student solidarity. A team consisting of Kim Jun of Global Korean Culinary Arts, Lee Gyeonghyeong of Culinary Arts, Lee Yangwoo of Hotel and Tourism Management, Jeon Saeheem of Culinary Nutrition and Food Science, and Choi Yangho of Foodservice Management brought down the house with their self-choreographed dance routine. Choi Yango said, “It was my first time to dance like that. I knew I was clumsy, but we were not. If there is another chance to dance together, I would do it again.”Prize winners.

Staff writer Jin Hee.


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