Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Woosong University- 2013 Youth’s Dream University

From the Dong A-Ilbo Dong A-Ilbo, Channel A, and Deloitte Consulting conducted a university evaluation and declared Woosong University as one of the ‘Youth’s Dream Universities’ of 2013. In the past, universities were evaluated on the following criteria: ratio of students to professors, research projects, number and types of publications, number and types of English courses, the types of facilities available on campus, the number of library books, and the perception of the university in the media, both at home and abroad.

Due to the flaws in the old system (such as overestimating a university’s value due to its name, or the size of the library), an effort was made to create a more accurate evaluation of Korean universities. Unlike the old criteria, a “Youth’s Dream University” is selected by evaluating students’ success at getting employed after graduation, student satisfaction with their education and job placement, and the programs and assistance offered to students, by the university, in obtaining a job. The evaluation is based, in part, on the idea that a university has a responsibility to assist students with preparing for their upcoming careers and getting a job.

Dong A-Ilbo, Channel A, and Deloitte Consulting evaluated 198 four year universities based on the new criteria, and selected 25 universities which were given a rate of excellent. The 10 best included Korea University, Kwang Woon University, Seogang University, Seoul National University, City University of Seoul, Sungsil University, Aju University, Yonsei University, Woosong University, and Hankuk University of Industry and Technology.

All of the selected universities provided college students with a high completion rate on important and relevant projects for their careers, innovative educational programs, and assistance with locating job opportunities. In other words, the university’s services and student satisfaction were really superb.

The results demonstrate that it is more important to rank a university by its actual effort to help the students succeed after college, rather than the general perception which ranks a university’s level according to the students’ academic achievements. It is an attempt to alter the prevailing concept of the hierarchical system of universities.

Dong A-Ilbo is planning to conduct this evaluation for ‘Youth’s Dream Universities’ every year, focusing not on their name recognition, but their innovative efforts and remarkable students.

Global Korean Culinary Arts Students from Woosong in Guatemala at the 2012 Korean Foods Festival

Staff writer Shin TaeHee.


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