Thursday, December 26, 2013

How Can the Government Reduce the Number of Smokers?

no_smoking Did you hear about the increase in the price of cigarettes? A month ago, the Korean government decided to increase the price of cigarettes. The national assembly was concerned about the health of the nation’s people. In this country cigarette prices are very affordable compared to other countries. Korean smokers strongly protested the decision of the government. It is difficult for the two sides to come to an agreement.

The smokers say that “It is difficult to live without smoking, although they also know that cigarettes are harmful for their health. If we have no money, does that mean we have to stop smoking? We are also your nation’s people. Don’t we have a say in decision making?” The smokers don't understand the decision of the government. In my opinion, I agree both with the government and the smokers, but the increase in the price of cigarettes is not the best way to reduce the number of smokers.

Most nonsmokers hate the smell of cigarette smoke, so they avoid smokers and want people to stop smoking. But smokers can now smoke on the street, park and any other public spaces. How about making more areas especially for smokers? The government should build more smoking areas and make smokers smoke only in those areas. If they smoke in another place which is not a smoking area, they will have to pay a fine. Let's say you are in the park, the man next to you is smoking and you are about to go out of your mind. Then you call a police officer and that guy has to pay a fine. I think it is good for both smokers and nonsmokers, because everyone knows the rules then at least, and nonsmokers will not have to breathe in second-hand smoke.

Clipboard01 What do you think about my suggestion? Someone could say that my idea is impossible in reality and the government can make better proposals. The increase in the price of cigarettes is most certainly not the best option for everyone. I hope the government will make another suitable option for all of Korean people.

Staff writer Park Eun Bi.


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