Monday, August 18, 2014

Attention Job Seekers! No More Mistakes!

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Nowadays, getting hired is not easy. For some people, it’s as hard as a camel going through a needle’s eye. However, looking for a job isn’t easy, either. According to Ford R. Myers, president of Career Potential, there are some mistakes job seekers often make. He stated, “Many people make significant job search mistakes and never even know about it. These blunders are easy to make, and they can cost you the job offer or lose you thousands of dollars.” He also added that well-informed job seekers also make these mistakes.

Ford Myers introduced some big mistakes job seekers make and provided ways to avoid them. Among those, 7 big mistakes are stated below.

1) Too Depend on Online Job Placements
Online job postings and advertisements don’t produce much value, but they cannot be ignored altogether. There’s a possibility that there are some jobs from these postings in trade publications or web sites of industries. Therefore, don’t spend too much of your time on job placements.

2) Mailing Unwanted Resumes
Mailing unwanted resumes will be treated as scrap paper and wasted work. HR managers and decision-makers who are in charge of employment won’t accept them. Therefore, this job searching method needs to be stopped.

3) To Look for Job Openings Only
Only searching the “opening” section of a company is an old-fashioned method. Many best companies do not use “opening” section to list the vacancy of jobs. They rather use job interviews. Therefore, remember that not many companies are using job opening section, so don’t rely too much on it.

4) Ineffectual Networking
Networking is the main focus of a job search that takes most of your time, but many people go about it wrong- by talking too much and asking for jobs. The best networkers need to listen to others, not just to talk. They are not shy asking for feedback and guidance. Therefore, remember that networking is not about taking, it’s about giving.

5) Job Searching without a Plan
Many people don’t spend too much time in planning a job search. In order to conduct an effective job search, utilize a detailed method, daily privacy and planning, and method of responsibility. Also, your progress needs to be measurable.

6) Not Preparing for Job Interviews
In job interviews, five basic elements are included: expressing your value, carrying your knowledge of the company, asking intelligent questions, discussing payment, and accomplishments. Therefore, each of these elements needs to be well-prepared. Also, you need to research the company and the interviewer beforehand.
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7) Not Knowing Your Market Value
Studying and determining your value are very important in order for you to negotiate effectively. Do not reveal your payment requirements- the employer is the one who always determines the salary. The right time to talk about the payment is when the employer decides that you are their top applicant.

Staff writer Cho Bo-Yeon.


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