Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Take: Sol-Buddies School Family Program Fall 2011

Sol-Buddies Family Program is one of the ACE projects. And the concept of this program is to let students get along in free, lax environment so that they can have time to socialize with each other. To make companionship with foreign friends and each other, introduce them and let them experience Korean culture.

Our first meeting was on 8th to 9th October to Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, called MT (Mighty Together), which should be very Korean universities' MT style like.

But in the morning on the 8th, most of the Woosong students did not come due to their following midterms. My friend and I were the only Woosong students who came to the MT. We never knew no one from Woosong would come.

Many SolBridge students are from Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Others are from Vietnam, Russia, Georgia, Brazil, and China and of course there were Koreans too. After quite a long ride to Gapyeong, we finally arrived there. Had lunch, got a room for each person with some break time. We had an activity called ‘Mini-Sports’. It was basically running and jumping or even dancing.

It was tiring but fun, big time! And we got a quite hour break, while we are enjoying ourselves, some of them were singing since we had a Karaoke machine outside and talking, socializing. People were getting hungry. Finally we could have a barbeque party. During the dinner, we had a talent show, took many photos, and hula hooped. Some of them were dancing to the music.

After this entertaining dinner there was a campfire, toasted marshmallows. And a gathering with drinking was ready for us after the campfire. Some people left early. And some of them had fun until 4 or 5 in the morning. For me, it sounded so much fun.

The next day we had breakfast and got together to finish our ‘Mighty Together’ trip. We handed our prepared gifts to our secret buddies. Each of us picked a name randomly last evening. It is called Manito. The person of that name each picked was their Manito, we should be nice and helping them without being noticed by anyone.

People, who didn’t bring any presents for their Manito, wrote a letter. And others who brought presents wrapped. We handed it over to each other by picking their presents or letters. So it was very enjoyable. And surprisingly I got 2 presents and a letter, the only one who got 3 at once. I was so pleased.

On the way back to Daejeon, people must have been tired, lots of them fell asleep.

At the same day when everybody is back to the Sol-Geo International Dormitory, we met through Facebook again. Our next meeting is on 30th of at the end ofOctober. We are going to hold a Halloween Party. I am sure it will be as fun as we had at MT trip. CLICK HERE for the schedule for this whole period.

Eun Young Hwang is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Hotel Tourism Management


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