Thursday, December 27, 2012

Unforgettable China

Flag_of_Chinese About 30 students who received good grades on the TOEIC Test Contest held twice a year at Woosong went to China on July 30th. We stayed there for a week and we had a good time.

On the first full day of the trip, we went to the Gate of Heavenly Peace and the Forbidden City. The Gate and The Forbidden City are both symbols of China, so they were very crowded.

“They remind me of a Chinese movie called Curse of the Golden Flower, said John, one of the lucky Woosong students on this special trip. “I was really surprised at the huge, massive historical gate.”

We also went to big, amazing Shanghai Qufu where we learned about Confucius's life.

In the day, we visited a market for foreign people and a famous beer factory located in Tsingtao. At the factory, we directly saw the process of beer-making, and Mr. Wang, head of our travel company, instructed us about the drinking etiquette of China. Then, we got to drink a sample of the freshly brewed beer.

“The taste of the beer was incredibly cool,” said one of the students.

30 lucky Woosong contest winners visited China this past summer- The atmosphere in Tsingtao was different from the rest of China. It was comfortable and beautiful. We went to a beautiful park and the sea. There were a lot of Chinese people and foreigners like us. Once again despite the rain, we enjoyed being at the beach, and we played some games.

“The most precious thing about this trip was to be given the chance to get along with chinese_architecturestudents from other departments and to learn first-hand about the life and culture of the Chinese people,” said one student, reflecting on the last night of the trip.

Even through the schedule of the journey was a little bit tight, we fully enjoyed the trip. It's been about three months now since we returned, but I think the memory will remain in our minds for a long time.

Guest writer Kim HyeIn.


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