Thursday, September 29, 2011

Department of Railway Vehicle System Engineering

Our department, the Department of Railway Vehicle System Engineering, teaches a depth of technology about Railroad Rolling Stock. It is a core and important part of Railway transportation systems. It has professors who are experts in railway vehicle system, driving, and safety. They teach students a lot of knowledge based on academic and working-level experience. Besides through placement, students enter upon a profession and they can work as soon as they graduate. 

The biggest pride of our department is the Woosong Diset railway academy. This is the third in the Korea, followed by Korail, and Seoul Metro. Also, this is the first institute of Korea University that was allowed by the Ministry of Land.

Also, professors provide training on the basis of experience that are both academic and operational. This institution promotes exclusive (high-priced) equipments that have simulated driving functions using training instruments, basic function stimulated training instruments and computer-assisted education training systems.

Also, it is adjoined with an urban railroad controller education training institution by means of Woosong university. At first, Woosong was the only university designated for this educational institution training a locomotive engineer and a railroad controller. With this, Woosong is unparralled and pacesetting in the field of railroad and the Department of Railway Vehicle System Engineering is playing a leading role in Woosong.

Students at Woosong Diset Railroad Academy complete lessons in about 5 years. Then, students can take a electric rolling stock class 2 license test that is given at a traffic safety corporation. In 2010, Woosong Diset Railroad Academy boasted a high pass rate at 80%.

The rail industry has a great possibility of future development. Therefore we are looking for not only the growth of rail technology but also that of the Department of Railway Vehicle System Engineering which is in the center of Korean rail technology.

Jae Ho Yoo is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Railway Vehicle System Engineering


This is the first time that I have learned about a railraod academy. The Woosong Diset Railroad Academy will surely produce graduates who will be experts in this field judging from the training that they have there.

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This is a great post. Not only would the transportation system improve, but it will also increase safety measures for drivers and passengers.

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Actually this is the first time I read about the railroad academy. This is decent enough to read. Thanks for sharing

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It's great that there are academies offering this kind of specialization, it's very much needed by society.

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One of the best railway vehicle system in Korea. I'm glad they came up with this great idea on improving their railway system to create fast transportation for the passengers. It's just brilliant. wigan used cars

I imagine it's not easy to study a railway vehicle system you need to study hard because you're like an engineer in that way you need to avoid mistakes. It's pretty good to read this article more people will have benefited this kind of procedure because there will be a lot of railway vehicle system developers soon.

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