Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alumni Interview: Kim Ae Wa

Kim Ae Wa is a gradute from the Department of Culinary Arts at Woosong University. She currently teaches at Byungcheon High School in a district of Cheonan.

Q: What was your dream and ambition from a young age?

A: Wow, it depends on my stage in life. When I was a primary school girl, I was filled with ridiculous and funny ideas. But I got some sense in middle school and dreamed about becoming a cook, a traveler, a restaurant manager, a master chef working in splendid hotels, basically to be someone famous and connected with cooking. Actually it never came to me that I would be a teacher now.

Q: So you fell in love with cooking as a young girl. Do you do that in your job now?

A: I’ve already worked as a western food instructor for 4 years. Time really flies.

Q: Interesting, do you miss your college life? How was it?

A: Well, I was just a common student, taking classes Monday to Friday and working a part-time job during the weekend. But what I really cherish is that during summer and winter holidays, I used my saved money to backpack abroad with friends. We met interesting people, experienced various cultures, and broadened our horizons. That had a great influence on my life.

Q: Yeah, I like traveling too. But how did you end up as a teacher?

A: Well, after doing an intership, I took a lesson on teaching skills and after graduating from Woosong University, I started preparing for the cooking teacher qualification examination. It was a hard time as there were no students prepared for the exam before and the admission was very strict. I failed the exam but luckily, after getting employed by Byungcheon High School and receiving a lot of help from fellow teachers, I finally passed the exam.

Q: Wow, thats such a moving story. So in college, what helped you to be a good teacher?

A: I took the practical training curriculum which emphasizes a lot on western food and Woosong University offered me an internship course in United States which helped to make me a qualified cooking teacher today.

Q: Well thanks for your cooperation and would you like to say something to Woosong students as a closing?

A: With pleasure. Really, college is the most beautiful period of ones life, as it gives you plenty of time to do what you like and no one will criticize on you when you make mistakes. Don’t be afraid, try everything meaningful with all of your effort and you will succeed finally. Don’t waste too much time drinking, playing on the computer and always be honest and kind.

Wang Kun, Eun Young Hwang, and Ying Cheng Hao are currently Woosong Students


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