Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obesity In Teenagers

When I asked teenagers, "What is your favorite food?" Most teenagers answered "Junk Food." Junk foods have low nutrition and high calories. Mr. Kang, from the KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Association) said there has been increase in Western diet. This includes obesity and heart disease as well as high-blood pressure. Its annual cost reaches almost 2 trillion won. It is a national problem. Therefore, people should eat well to be healthy. According to a recent study, one-third of Koreans are obese. 

The BMI figure indicates a person’s Body Mass Index. If one’s BMI is 25-30, that person is obese. If the BMI indicates more than 30, it's a high degree of obesity. The percentage of population with a BMI of 25 is increasing up to 30.7%. Especially, in 2008, with a high BMI (30+) increased to 4.1% compared with 2.3% in 1998. For example, Miss Jo, a current student, always eats junk food, because she lives a busy life. She finds food to eat quickly. When her BMI figure reached 28, she felt seriously obese. The second example, Miss Kim, a ten-year-old, prefers pork cutlets and ham to vegetables and fruits. She gets a lot of bullying, because of her weight. Her friends laugh at her.

Slow food is healthy food which is made by nutritious materials and digestible food. Mr. Kim lives alone. Due to his busy work, he always ate junk food in the morning. No one made him breakfast, and his dinner was always noodles. His weight was increasing day by day. So he decided to go on a diet. He ate Korean food instead of noodles and junk foods. As a result, his BMI figure became lower. Now although he is busy, he eats Korean food for his health. Here is a list of some possible healthy alternatives:

1. Black beans
Black beans contains Isoflavone which prevents breast cancer, and collagen which makes skin elastic.

2.Squid ink
Recently, foods that consist of squid ink are increasing in popularity. It is cooked in pasta snacks, and rice. Ingredients with melanin has an anti cancer agent.

3. Grapes
Eating the seeds and skin of grapes, you will feel younger. In grapes, the anti-oxidant ingredients of resveratrol helps to prevent cancer.

A report showed that the most second obese population in Asia is Korean. The number of obesity is steadily increasing. Besides these foods, there are many colorful foods. Let's keep our health by eating healthy foods.

So Lee No, Bo Hwa Song, and Eun Bi Park are currently Woosong Students majoring in Global Business English


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