Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alumni Interview: Sung Ryong Kim

 Sungryong Kim is a former Woosong University student who studied in the Department of Digital Media in 2004. He currently owns the design company 'Design Moin.’ You can visit his company’s website
Q: Hello, it is an honor to interview you. So I’d like to know about your childhood dream and ambition.

A: Actually, like everyone, my childhood dreams were to be the president, a scientist, a doctor or a teacher, something like that. At that time, these were just too general and vague. I just wanted to be a very special person.

But as an adult, I woke up and smelled the coffee. These days my ambition is to make my 3-year old company, 'Design Moin’, Korea’s No. 1 or even better, the world's No. 1 design company. In order to make this happen, I have to work hard and prepare for my future one step at a time. I have chosen the design field because this is what I really want to do, to be part of the history of design. I really want to build my company to this level of greatness.

Q: Wow. I can see your passion here. So please tell us about what you do and about your company.

A: Briefly let me introduce myself and the company. I don’t think there is an age limit for learning. So I am studying for a masters in the Design Graduate School at Kookmin University, while also running my design company.

The company has an Offline and Online Business Department. We plan, design, and produce promotional materals for many Universities like KAIST, research institutes and even governmental organizations.

We have been awarded at a national design competition for 3 different fields. This year 2011, at the International Design competition, we were given prizes in 2 fields. We are currently working on a project which will be submitted at the end of this year as well. We are a very adventurous group with a strong pioneering spirit.

Q: That is just amazing that you were recognized beyond Korea’s borders. So how was your life while at Woosong?

A: I regret that it has already passed by. Now when I recall the days at Woosong, I feel sorry that I was not that active. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t study hard. But that even though I am a very sociable person, I was not enthusiastic and very involved in clubs, membership training or in relationships between seniors and myself.

Q: Yes, I think that building a network of friends and doing something very special while at university is definitely necessary. So how did you become what you are now? What have you done to become the person you are now?

A: Unlike people we call the greats, I wasn’t granted natural special skills. Compared to them, I am in the position that requires a lot of hard work and exertion. I don’t know how people will view who I am, but I am always trying to remember where I first began and to not be too arrogant. Rather, I should be humble and nice to everyone, always have a mind like ‘diligence makes the best results’ so as to not disappoint the people who helped me. I think these made me who I am today.

Q: Wow! All of your sayings are right. But it is always hard to do what you recommend, that’s a shame. So what have you learned from Woosong and how has it helped you in preparing for your future?

A: I learned from Woosong not only academic subjects, but also character and experience. They were the foundation of my first experiences in society.
It has been years since I graduated, but even now the relationship with my professors, seniors and juniors has helped me out a lot. And it is an honor to have a company named by my former Woosong professor. It is very meaningful. I want to be an important alumnus who is a good example to the school and its students.

Q: Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom for current Woosong students?

A: As the proverb says, it does a young man good to suffer some privations in the world. The endurances and adventures during the younger days are unalterable and unchangeable, considered precious property. Always do your best, improve your own abilities. I am sure you will make it. Everything around you will be just great! I hope you will be a good person who contributes to the whole of society.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my experience and I wish all the best to the students of Woosong University and The Woosong Herald.

Eun Young Hwang is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Hotel Tourism Management


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