Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Window to Malaysia

My first thoughts were, 'What? Malaysia? What can I do there? I was hoping for crazy shopping in Hong Kong!'

When I heard that we are going to Malaysia for English Training, these were the words that came out from my mouth. But, what could I say? I am college student and I should deal with it. On the last day of July in the evening, 30 Woosong University students landed safely in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. There were three people waiting to greet us.

One of them was a Korean coordinator from the University of Malaya (UM). The other two were International students from UM. And they referred to themselves as a ‘PM’. They said they would be helping us out for the next 2 weeks. I was thinking, ‘Local friends who can show us around for 2 weeks? Cool.’

The next day, they took us to a Faculty of Languages where we would take our classes. That same day, they gave us a campus tour and welcoming ceremony. Thankfully they organized 3 daytrips with a college bus to the suburb of of Kuala Lumpur. We visited places such as Firefly Park, Malaca, Batu Caves, Petra Jaya and so on.

They all treated us like old friends. They were so friendly, kind and dedicated. Most of our guides were Muslims, so they were doing their Ramadan fasting which means they can’t eat while the sun is up. Yet, they helped us 24/7.

I was very impressed with their dedication and warm hearts. 2 weeks seemed like such a long time before I left Korea. But, time flew. When I got back from Malaysia, I realized I got an amazing experience of diverse cultures and good friends. Something I couldn’t compare to some postcards that I would have gotten after a trip to Hong Kong.

Jain Song is currently the Chief Student Editor of the Woosong Herald
a Woosong Student majoring in Culinary Arts


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