Thursday, September 29, 2011

A 2nd Subway Line Will Be Opening Soon in Daejeon

Daejeon Metropolitan City is now planning to open a second metro line in order to solve the city's major traffic problems and satisfy the citizens who don’t already benefit from the existing subway line. The second line is planned to be a looped line around the city and the stations will likely pass through Jinjam ~ Seodaejeon Neogori ~ Daedong Ogeori ~ Jungri Neogori ~ Government Complex Daejeon ~ Yuseong Neogori ~ Jinjam. It will intersect the existing metro line three times.

At first, the city planned to include Sintanjin, but recently opted out because it will already be included in the Chungcheong Train Network Project. It was also decided that the new subway would be a magnetic levitation train. Additionally, the metro line is planned to be both below and above ground (much like the Seoul Metro), which is a nice change for Daejeon metro riders so that they can enjoy the sunshine through the train’s windows. The second metro rail line will begin its construction in 2013, and is set to be completed in 2018.

Yun Jeong Jang is currently a Woosong Student 


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