Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding Myself, Finding Culture in Osaka

Several Woosong students including myself recently got a chance to travel to Osaka, Japan through the Crotonville program at Woosong University. The Crotonville program offers opportunities for students to help raise their leadership skills. It also allows them to experience a world outside of their own. Here is a short story on my experience.

Week 1: Woosong Crotonville Leadership Training

For the 1st week, we did training seminars domestically. During the training, we did creative projects, outdoor activities, had vision classes and much more. Also, we worked with remarkable instructors from well-known enterprises.

Week 2: Woosong Crotonville Osaka

We spent the 2nd week in Osaka, Japan. This was my first overseas trip ever. We stayed at the Rinka Hotel. The bed was cleanly made when I returned to the hotel everyday, and there was even a clean Yutaka, too. Even though this wasn’t a five-star hotel, it was quite satisfactory. I heard that everything in Japan is small, and I really noticed that after I saw the restroom in the hotel, wow. The hotel food was prepared American style, Japanese style and Korean style for the various foreigners.

We were taken around Osaka castle, Deer Park (Nara Park), Dodaiji, Kinkakuji, and Universal Studios Japan. The Universal Studios Japan was by far the most incredible and interesting. We also took the subway to get around and it was surprisingly very quiet.

There was free time in the evening and we went to Dotonbori (downtown Osaka) close to the hotel. We ate regional sushi and went shopping. I had a hard time understanding the exchange rate when we spent money. Japan's prices are very high.

All in all, I feel like I know more and I learned better after going to Japan. Best of all, it was very good opportunity, and I've improved myself. And also, I got more valuable friends within the school.

The last thing I want to mention is that it is possible for students to apply for Woosong Crotonville twice a year. I recommend your participation and want to see the growth of the program. Maybe next time you can join too.

SoYoung Kim icurrently a Woosong Student


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