Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Malaysian Life which became a Fabulous and Precious treasure

image Have you had an amazing vacation abroad? Here are 12 students who had a fabulous experience in Malaysia. They were chosen as outstanding students in last semester’s GEEC Class, so they had a chance to go to University of Malaya in Malaysia. This was the second time GEEC Classes provided this opportunity. They had many interesting experiences. Here is what they had to say.

Oh GyeongGeun, 20, Department of Electronic Railway Systems

GyeongGeun Oh thinks that Malaysia life made him more mature in relationships. “Before I went to Malaysia, I thought life in Malaysia was tough because their GDP is lower than ours, but I was wrong. It was exciting and fun! I met many new native friends and Korean friends. We always studied and traveled together. It helped expand my knowledge and view. Also, I learned not only English but team work and collaboration.”

In my case, I also went to Malaysia with GEEC. I experienced ‘the Ramadan fast’, but for just one day. It is a part of Muslim culture. They shouldn’t eat anything during the day because they purify themselves by fasting. It was very hard, but a worth while experience.

Before the students go to Malaysia, they divide in to teams, but it didn’t work because they were always together, regardless of their team. Everyone became great friends.

Son Byeong Jea, 25, English Department

ByeongJea Son always supported other students in Malaysia. He was called ‘Uncle Son’. “I never thought we are not different. We are like a family. There were other Korean University students, but we were the best. They envied us because of our teamwork. When we went to Singapore and Penang in Malaysia, we didn’t have time to plan our journey, so we had to plan on the spot. However, we enjoyed our journey because we were always ready to travel to unfamiliar places with positive attitudes. Above of all, we helped and trusted each other on our travels.”

We not only developed strong friendships, we also had the chance to enjoy native culture. Last August, there was a big holiday in Malaysia called ‘Hariraya’. We were invited to one of our Malaysian friend’s home. It was very good chance for us to experience Muslim culture.

Min Ji Hong, 20, Department of Railway Construction Systems

Jihong Min came back to Korea with fabulous experiences. He‘ll never forget his Malaysia life. “Before we went to our Malaysian friend’s home, we thought it would be difficult to adjust because they are Muslim. However, we ate their traditional food and enjoyed their culture. Some our students wore their traditional clothes, so our Malaysian friend was happy. We stayed one night at their home and they treated us warmly. So we made some Korean food in return. I’ll never forget this experience.”

Throughout our Malaysia experience, the students learned many things such as collaboration, native culture, how to respect other cultures, leadership, and communication with foreigners. Also, they have developed confidence in using English and living in other countries.

Now they are ready to go abroad again and visit in other countries. This experience taught them what is really important in life.

Staff writer Cha SuJi.


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