Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Long Distance Relationships

A long distance relationship is an intimate relationship in which the partners are separated by a considerable distance. There are three types of long distance relationship. The first is the international relationship. This is when the partners’ countries of origin ore different. The second is a relationship between two people who live in the same country. The third is when both are from the same country but one person is away in another country.

These types of relationships are very risky and difficult. Because when partners want to meet up, they can't. Their only options are talking by phone and using Skype. Also when one person deceives the other, it is more difficult for his or her partner to discover the lie.

The expression, “Out of sight, Out of mind" applies to couples who don't love each other very much. When two people really love each other, they might say, "Out of sight but still in mind" and this makes for an ardent love. Whatever the case, if we want long distance relationships to last, we need to put in lots of effort.

First, it's important to maintain the emotional connection. Tell each other where you are, what you do each day and how you feel.

When your partner contacts you, reply as promptly as you can. If your partner does not reply, wait patiently and understand that your partner may be busy at that moment. Don't doubt each other. Trust is a prerequisite in loving relationships.

Tell your partner daily that you love him or her. Remind your partner that he or she is the best thing that has happened to you. Distance can sometimes make you question each other's feelings, so make sure your partner hears this every day.

Make plans to see each other again before you part. It makes the separations much easier if you know when you will be together again.

Fifth, celebrate anniversaries. Even though your bodies are not together you should not forget each other's anniversaries. You can send and use Skype, and these will bring happiness on those days.

Follow these five tips and your love can last. I wish you all lasting love.

Freelance writer  Heo Heejin.


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