Monday, April 13, 2015

The Importance of Film Soundtracks

Over the Rainbow,” “Edelweiss,” “Going on Seventeen,” “Let it Go,” and “Coming Up Roses.” Do you know any of these songs? They are well-known film scores that led to the success of their respective films. Music plays an important role in movies, evoking a range of different emotions and conveying their central messages. Music is central to many of our lives as well as to the film making process. It is quite difficult to imagine a movie without music.
Different music illustrates the feelings and thoughts of the characters in films. Many well-known movies these days have become especially famous and recognized for their soundtracks. A great example is the recent movie, “Begin Again.” Some people who have watched the film say that they listen to the songs almost every day. Music expresses different emotions and sentiments of the characters, and having appealing music can make a movie successful in the film industry. Soundtrack has a significant impact on the films as it enables people to picture each scene and remember it for a long time.
Background music also guides people as to how they should feel and react to the films; it presents viewers a greater understanding of the movies. For instance, creepy music from a horror film makes people feel much more scared and frightened. A romantic love song creates feelings of sentimentality.
Music not only delivers emotions and messages, but also helps people better understand the movies; it is not simply the background music. Thus, we could sometimes make the effort to listen and think about how it tries to benefit us.

Staff writer Sue Yeon Cho.


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