Thursday, August 11, 2011

Woosong’s Little Oasis

The smell of warm breads and pastries wafts into the room and beyond. Trays and tongs clatter as folks shuffle their way through and pluck up their favorites. Yet this place, affectionately known as the Tower Bakery, provides more than just culinary comforts. It also provides food for the soul.

Woosong’s tower bakery is a place where students and teachers alike share not only coffee and croissants but also memories. Often one can see students huddled together while studying for exams or simply reading. Others sleep after long hours of study or maybe just too much Soju. Sometimes boy meets girl, and the place begins to feel a bit warmer. Conversation abounds sprinkled with laughter and all seems well in the world.

Similarly, teachers find the bakery a pleasant place to meet for a chat with other teachers or with their students because comfort is the bakery’s best perk. Between the refreshing ice cream cones, soft lighting, and its powerful air conditioner, the bakery is unrivaled on campus for relief from the summer heat. Visit Woosong’s Tower Bakery on any given day, and you will find a little oasis.

Professor Connie Fessler is currently a Woosong English Language Instructor


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