Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Restaurant Review: IL Mare

imagebot Let me introduce an Italian restaurant named Il Mare. It’s located behind Time bookstore in Dunsan-dong. The food there is delicious, the interior is modern and tidy, and the servers, including all the staff of the restaurant, are very nice.

When I went to the restaurant the first time, there were too many people, because my guest and I were there on the weekend. So we had to wait to be seated, but the line alone proved this restaurant had great food and service. On my second time to go to the restaurant, my guest and I went to the restaurant on a weekday, so we didn’t have to wait to eat our meal.

When you get into the restaurant, the first thing you can see is the restaurant’s principle:

At Il Mare…
we use the freshest vegetables, fruits and ingredients;
we use natural seasoning;
we don’t use instant products;
we always cook food right after we get an order;
we never use leftovers.”

Here, the special order is named” Il Mare Sea.” It consists of two soups, one salad, a crawfish dish and your choice of one type of pasta from the menu. At first, I thought it seemed expensive, but actually it was not too expensive for the value. We took in the delicious food, great service, as well as the romantic atmosphere. And we saw an option.

Only two people can order the entire course menu. It costs 58,000 won. We passed the counter and got a table inside. Several tables were filled with people who seem like businessmen. The good atmosphere and nice service made us satisfied even though we didn’t eat many of the dishes.

We looked through the menu, and then we ordered a set menu which consisted of one plate of salad, two beverages, one pizza and two pastas. We chose lemonade, blueberry-ade, margherita pizza and spaghetti alglio olio and alla vongole. Both of them were olive oil spaghetti dishes. Alglio olio, which I ate, is cooked with baked garlic and olive oil; while alla vongole is cooked with white wine and some short-neck clams.

As soon as the waiter took the order, we were served some pieces of bread with a sauce. The bread was slightly warm and the sauce was fresh. I thought that eating the bread would make me less hungry for eating the main dishes, but when the two spaghettis and margherita pizza came out, they were so delicious that I had no trouble finishing the entire meal.

After we ate the food, we ordered coffee for dessert. It was too hard to drink the cup of coffee because I was full, so we slowly finished the dessert. Although my dinner guest and I ate pastas this time, next time we will eat one of the steaks, which is another of the restaurant’s specialties. After our positive experience, I am eager to dine at this restaurant again soon.

Staff writer Jung JaeHyun is currently a Woosong University student majoring in English.


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