Thursday, June 7, 2012

Woosong Sports Day Festival: Bringing Departments Together

DSCF0374 Woosong Sports Day Festival was held May 10th through the 11th on the west campus track and field. The Woosong Sports Day Festival is an annual competition held in the spring. Representatives from each department compete in the events.

There are nine events that consist of tug-of-war, ssireum (a kind of wrestling), group rope jumping, soccer, basketball, kickball, dodge ball, the six-legged race, and the relay.

A few weeks before the Sports Day Festival, many teams had the preliminary games about some events. Even though it is the preliminary games, it was too intense.

The opening ceremony was held on a grand scale. After opening ceremony, the Solbridge cheerleading team worked the crowd up before the match.

There was also a speech by John E. Endicott, chairman of Woosong University, to celebrate holding an athletic meeting. The chairman kicked the first ball, signaling the games to begin.

The grass fields were shaking with all the cheering. The students passionately cheered their team with beating drums and wild yells.

Sports Day Festival’s goal is to reinforce bonds among its members, especially for the freshman. By participating in the competition and cheering, all the freshman become intimately acquainted with each other.

“I’m so excited. And opening ceremony is really great, but the sun is so hot. It would be so much better if there were sunshades,” said Chloe, a freshman in the nursing department.

Students participated in special events. On the first day afternoon, club “Julju” and “Bacus” hosted sample non-alcoholic cocktails in front of the international dormitory. The purpose of sample non-alcoholic cocktail is to promote to students a correct drinking culture. Some students sold snacks like breads and beverages to benefit the University Development Fund.

The next day, there was the awards ceremony. This year’s athletic meeting ended successfully.

Staff writer Lee NaKyung is currently a Woosong University student majoring in Nursing.


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