Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is the Woosong Leaders Crotonville Program?

globe Time flies fast like an arrow, and I can’t believe that I am already a senior. When I look back at my school life here at Woosong University, there are a variety of precious footprints embedded in my memory: good learning, nice classmates, great foreign professors and friends, and excellent experiences in the Crotonville program. The Crotonville program in particular contributed improvements to my life in many ways. Through the Crotonville program, I had a chance to meet many students from different departments and learned about what a global leader is by domestic training and training abroad. Many people do not know much about this great program. This is what I would like to introduce here.

The goal of Woosong Leaders Crotonville program is to teach students leadership and sensibility skills. In the United States, Jack Welch has set up a General Electric (GE) Crotonville training institution and has created initiative education regarding changes and value realization in globalization, service, Six Sigma and e-business. Therefore, Woosong University has made these into a module and applied it to the academic environment of our university. Through the program, our school wants to cultivate talented and smart Woosong leaders and top elites.

Woosong Leaders Crotonville program was founded in 2010, and I was chosen for the program as one of the first participants with 124 students from diverse departments. I attended a two-week domestic training program and a ten-day overseas training program in China. Through the domestic program, we learned about self development, making plans for the future and global leadership. During the program we visited Posco Company in Pohang and were encouraged to be enterprising leaders. After the program, in winter vacation, we participated in continuous education with personality, aptitude, and vocational tests. In the summer vacation, we attended training abroad in China and visited diverse universities in China such as Chunghwa University, Peking University, University of Peking Foreign Language Studies, University of International Business and Economics, and General University and traveled to various historical places. Such experiences helped us to think differently from before and feel proud of our school.

For the second term of the Crotonville program, 120 students were selected to learn about self-development with a view toward creative thinking and seeing things differently. Afterward, they spent the week in Japan traveling, seeing various educational, cultural and industrial centers. They were hosted by Kasai University.

For the third-term of the program, 120 students were selected to participate in a week-long domestic extensive program for cultivating global leadership skills, which included a trip to Jeju Island. As a continuous program, they learned leadership through a new form of acting called 'play-within-a-play' for the development of conflict management in various situations. I participated in this third program as a coach. In the winter vacation, the students who were selected from the diverse leadership program attended overseas training in Malaysia and Indonesia, visiting University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), BINUS University, famous high schools, and famous companies such as Petronas Oil Company and Posco Steel Company. They delivered speeches on various topics and Korean culture shows with such features as K-Pop, Hanbok fashion, and Korean traditional plays.

Through these programs, the students had good opportunities to meet excellent people in various fields and places, share different ideas and improve problem-solving skills. Also, they could understand more clearly about other cultures and themselves and make a specific plan for their future. Knowing this, what are you waiting for? Attend this leadership program so that you can prepare for your future as a global leader!

Guest writer Veronica Yang.


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