Thursday, June 7, 2012

SolBridge Model UN

DSCF0529 SolBridge International School of Business is currently participating in an organization named Model United Nations (MUN), run by Professor Joe Iesue and Joshua Park. The objective of this Model UN is to seek, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to the various problems of the world. And the goal of Model UN is to develop that global consciousness to the ‘next level’ through a simulation of the international multilateral diplomacy of the United Nations. Participants learn to adopt views and attitudes other than their own, and break away from narrow national self-interest and develop international cooperation. SolBridge students at MUN can get an insight into the world’s problems and understand the causes of conflict between nations.

Students in MUN adopt the role of delegates to the United Nations, and represent their chosen countries as a diplomat from the United Nations (UN) would. Since my fellow Solbridge MUN representatives and I are all international students from different countries, we need to do research and speak as a diplomat for the country we chose instead of our original one. Delegates need to play the role with integrity and authenticity. Role playing is a good way to help us learn more in order to improve ourselves. Cooperation is the primary goal of the delegate meetings and sessions but not always the norm, nor the most fun way of doing things. Belligerence, arrogance, irrationality, and even open hostility are openly encouraged during debate sessions, as long as these emotions and behaviors are within character for the country that the delegate represents.

Luckily, I`m taking an International Business Relations course lectured by Professor Joe Iesue this semester. We students chose countries which we want to represent at the beginning of the semester. Agendas are given before classes so that we can do some research and see how the countries would react towards the important global issues on the agenda. Every time in class, we sit as a “U” shape, like the real UN structure. Instead of being a delegate, we can also volunteer to be the “chair” for one class session. The Chair will go through each of the steps exactly based on the real UN system. Delegates can also learn about the flow path while they are presenting. It`s really good to actually experience the whole process rather than just listen to the lectures.

Besides, I`m also one of the MUN researchers currently assisting our honorable delegates prepare more effectively for the coming conference.

SolBridge MUN is a place where we will need to look up the updated news and frequently refresh ourselves. Also, we need to look through anything related with the United Nations like resolutions, threats, and White Papers, and then have a basic understanding of each strategy. Personal opinions after the research are also appreciated so that we can truly explain ourselves.

Having this kind of experience is really useful not only for resume-building, but-- the most important part of the Model UN experience-- for improving our own ability. I`d like to invite more and more students, not only those who are in SolBridge but also more Woosong students, to be involved in this program so that we can go ahead together.

Guest writer Jing Zhang is currently a SolBridge University student majoring in International Business and Finance.


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