Wednesday, June 13, 2012

International Gathering of Chefs in Daejeon

Chef Gathering 1 The World Association of Chefs Societies’ (WACS) Biannual Congress in May put Daejeon on the international stage this year by bringing chefs, future chefs, and the public together to experience cooking as both an art and a science. The event also gave Korean culinary students a chance to showcase their national cuisine to visitors from over 20 countries.

WACS Vice President Hilmar Jonsson described WACS as an “excellent opportunity to promote Korean cuisine.” He also admitted that Korean food was “too spicy for me.”

Woosong student Son Jung-min, who visited WACS, said the event was a great opportunity for everyone. “I saw a variety of food and cuisine,” he said, “I also met Woosong University students who are working at WACS as volunteer translators.”

Visitors had the opportunity to sample and try cooking traditional foods from twelve countries and to get expert tips from star chefs. Visitors were treated to cultural programs, including folk music from around the world, Samulnori, magic shows, and juggling chefs. An event at this year’s WACS also entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most chefs in uniform in one place- 2,012 people participated.

Staff writers Jung SeungHwan and Park SeIl are currently Woosong University students majoring in English.


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