Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie Review: A Hero of the Gods “Thor”

“Thor” Was Released In South Korea In May, 2011. It Stars Chris Hemsworth As Thor.

The main characters are Loki, Jane, Thor, Odin, Thor’s friends, and Jane’s 2 friends. This is a story about the legend of Thor. Thor was banished from the planet Asgard. His brother Loki was jealous of Thor and caused trouble. Thor learned how to control himself on Earth.

The story was creative. The different worlds were connected. The bad thing was that the end of story was not totally happy. Its themes include the morals that justice will always be served. It also teaches viewers not to be jealous. This movie is classified as PG. We recommend this movie to High School students.

We give this movie 4/5 stars.

Kang Go-Un and Lee Ho-Jin are currently Woosong students in the GLOBE department. They're also members of the GLOBE sophomore movie club.


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