Thursday, December 1, 2011

TV Show Review: The IT Crowd, Calamity Jen

The “IT crowd” is a British comedy series. The episode we reviewed was called “Calamity Jen.” The main characters are Jen, Roy and Moss who work in the IT department of a company. Jen was really interested in some red shoes sized 5 but her feet size are 8 and a half. The boss of her company declared a war on stress. Roy and Moss attended the stress class but they made the speaker stressed.

Jen’s feet became terrible. Roy stole the stress machine from the speaker. Jen was very stressed. Jen spoiled a merger. So the boss came into her office and checked her stress.

We think the sitcom is a little crazy because the characters do very strange things. It is also funny. We want to watch more episodes. We give this movie a rating of 2.5/5.

Lee Kyung-Min, Cha Su-Ji, and Min Kyung-Hyun are currently a Woosong Students  in the  GLOBE Department


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