Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Titanic 3D: This Time, Are You Ready?

We were young in 1997. There was a film about a sinking Titanic; Michael Jackson was becoming a legend.

From then on, we went through middle school, high school, and now, we are in college. Maybe you have had relationships, or maybe you are now in a relationship. Nevertheless, you are in for a treat, because "Titanic" is coming again, this time in 3D! We all know the film, but do we understand what it is about?

It’s a movie about freedom. Oppressed by her noble family, Rose is about to marry someone whom she does not care for. The Titanic will bring her to the Statue of Liberty, but it will not bring her to freedom.

Having come from poverty, Jack spends his whole life trying to clutch the throat of fate. He struggles to seize liberty and make his dreams come true. Jack is rich in Rose’s eyes, because of his freedom to have a dream and his freedom to accomplish his own dream. And later, his freedom to choose death is adored by everyone.

It’s a movie about love. Love is so mysterious and unforeseeable that one would not be able to afford to miss it even once in life. Who knew that in winning through gambling and getting the ticket to sail on the Titanic, Jack would meet the his lady of his life and sacrifice his life to make a sincere vow to their love? Who knew that the only chance to be passionate for Rose would happen on the Titanic and destiny would leave her true lover’s life where this romance begins?

It’s a movie about salvation. While the Titanic begins to sink into the sea, violinists play "Near My God to Thee”. Priests, holding their followers’ hands, sing sacred odes, a pair of old couples hug tight without fear but with their faith for love. A young mother narrates some stories for her kids and their eyes are full of curiosity and expectancy for the future. They are all happy.

And Rose gets her salvation from Jack , who does not show up when, eventually, Rose arrives at the Statue of Liberty and eventually gets her freedom. When will you get your freedom? Now, all of these themes are coming again, with the re-release of "The Titanic" in 3D. You may have missed it once. But are you ready this time?

Ying Cheng Hao is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Railway Communication Engineering


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