Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank You And Good Bye To The Woosong Halloween Party

How was your Halloween party? At WLI, Korean children and their foreign teachers enjoyed the Halloween party on October 26 to let children know about Halloween and to celebrate the western holiday. That day was also the end of the summer classes. So there were so many interesting events. 

Many Korean children couldn't hide their excitement before the party started. And foreign teachers were busy preparing some events for the children. They were all dressed up in Halloween costumes. Finally, classes ended and then Halloween party began. Each event was organized for about 15 minutes.

Children participated in face painting first. Foreign teachers painted some Halloween characters on the children’s faces. They thought it was fun and enjoyed that. And then, they held some games called ‘trick or treat’. Every child got some candy and won games. Especially, the magic game was popular with all of the children. And they saw English Halloween video clips in the basement. There was no talking in the videos, just background sounds. After the video, they watched Halloween skits in the auditorium. The drama club held a play. Many children had fun and were excited.

William, an ESL teacher at the event said, “I face painted and also painted on student’s hands. The children and I had fun. They enjoyed themselves, and were very patient and polite.”

For some children, this shall be their first and last party at WLI. They partied hard, as much as they studied hard in class. But they were sorry to have to part with friends and teacher.

Lucy Cha and Julie Chen are currently Woosong Students in the GLOBE Department


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