Friday, August 12, 2011

English Corner

One of the common complaints that English teachers hear from their students is that students feel that they do not have enough opportunities to practice their newly acquired language skills. Students also complain about the stress and embarrassment that their poor English ability causes them.  Woosong University has listened to these concerns and, to help address this problem, has created a unique program to help students practice and perfect their English proficiency.

The English Corner, located in room 101 of the Kyo Yang Kwan Building (insert Korean), has been created specifically to help students with their English skills.  What is The English Corner?  The English Corner is a place where students can freely practice their English skills in a safe, fun and stress free environment. The Native English speaking instructors here at Woosong provide structured, student centered, lessons that encourage open and free participation by students.  Topics covered include Current Events, Free Talking, Practical Reading and Writing, and Listening skills.  But this is NOT your average English Class.  Because it is student centered, the topics discussed are only a springboard for language usage. English Corner encourages students to bring in their own ideas and freely express themselves without the embarrassment and stress normally associated with the language learning process.  At English Corner mistakes are good and are used to help all students improve their English ability.

In addition to the topics listed above, English Corner also has several special programs designed to enlighten, energize and entertain through the use of English.  Thursdays are “Game Zone” days where a variety of board, card and other games are conducted in English.  Also in the works for the fall semester is “Movie Madness” where students and teachers use popular movies to discuss culture, hone listening skills and free talk about the movies being watched.  As the program grows and as the needs of the students change, English Corner will also change to meet the needs and wants of our students.

The over-all philosophy of The English Corner is that it must be fun, fresh and stress free.  Attendance at English Corner is entirely voluntary and is open to all Woosong students, faculty and staff at all levels.

Professor Scott Walters is currently Woosong's New Programs Coordinator


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