Friday, August 12, 2011

Woosong Global Advisory Board Symposium

From May, 30th 2011 through June, 1st 2011, some of the world's greatest scholars gathered at the Solbridge International School of Business for a great foreign scholar symposium with 80 Solbridge students and 80 Woosong Honors students in attendance. The theme of the conference was “Educating Future Leaders of the Knowledge-Intensive World: Creating Innovative Platform for Co-Creating Educational Values”

Notable attendees and presenters to the meeting were John Endicott (President of Woosong University), Dr. Sang M. Lee (Chairman of The Advisory Board), Mr. Xiaoguang Fang (CEO of FG Consulting), Dr. Nicholas Horsewood (Oxford University), Dr. Thanu Kulachol (Senator from Thailand), Dr. Fred Luthans (University of Nebraska), Mr. Robert Manchin (Chairman of Gallup-Europe) and Dr. D. Clay Whybark (University of North Carolina).

Seo Yoo Seok is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Culinary Arts


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