Friday, August 26, 2011

My Life, My Career, My Work

BASF is the largest chemical company in the world and is headquartered in Germany. A little while ago, we were so lucky to have this chance to listen a speech given by the CEO of BASF Company----C.W.Cho in SOLBRIDGE. We had a basic understanding of this famous company, his life and also his working experience.

In their working life, I mentioned that as Mr. Cho said, it`s hard at the beginning for him to working with their company`s leader. Usually, if they made some mistake or made something wrong, they may get into “a fight” with the leader and finally, they would get only one word----“Get out”. It`s a part of “Sociology of Power”. In this realistic society, we may all have some experience of making mistake, and we may also under the power of someone else without volunteer. But in my opinion, if we did something wrong, we should be blamed. But if we did something that was right in fact, but just the opposite way of what that powerful person thought, we should insist our opinion and never give away even if we are under huge power.

Also, he mentioned his Army life, and as we all know, army is a place full of “Power”. Especially in Korea, every man should join army. I remember that one of my Korean friends said to me: “Actually, the army experience is very different from the way it looks. I also thought I would like it before I got in, but I didn't like the system at all at the end. Hierarchical and conservative system it has!” To be honest, join army can make men stronger, and also, the most important thing is that this kind of experience can help them build up the forceful sense of POWER! Later when they living or working in society, they would face several difficulties, believe that with such a useful experience, they would definitely perform much better in the real society. 

The CEO C.W.Cho is Korean, but working in Nanjing, China. Different countries may have different social structures and systems, and it would be really difficult for any human being working between two different countries, let alone becoming a manager. 

Society is a big melting pot, we try our best to be the best we can and achieve what we really want. Face the power, and never say give up. The secrets of success Mr. Cho summarized are really reality and meaningful. Keep your identity and you will find sweet after bitter. We all should set up our goals and working harder and harder to go for it and build our Power in Society stronger!

Jing Zhang is currently a Solbridge Student majoring in International Finance


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