Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Upcoming September Issue

The Woosong Herald would like to announce our upcoming September newsletter. This hard-copy version of The Woosong Herald will be available for free to all students, faculty and administrators and copies will be distributed around several campus locations.

Given that this is our first hard-copy publication, we will include welcome letters from senior Woosong administrators as well as a message from the President John E. Endicott. Our feature cover story will highlight a recent trip to Malaysia that several Woosong University students attended over the summer. Other stories to expect are Departmental news, Alumni updates, student feedback, guest writers, photo-journals, and more.

For now, enjoy a few lines from our feature cover story on Malaysia:

Return from Malaysia Summer Training ~ By Samantha Hwang
"The first one I went to was ‘Mid Valley Megamall’. I was stunned. Because it was completely awesome! Not only the mall, but there are so many things to buy and eat compared to Korea."

A Window to Malaysia ~ By: Jain Song
"They all treated us like old friends. They were so friendly, kind and dedicated. Most of our guides were Muslims, so they were doing their Ramadan fasting which means they can’t eat while the sun is up. Yet, they helped us 24/7."

A Unique Encounter in Malaysia ~ By: Eun-Ah
"However, the most interesting and unforgettable thing about Malaysia was the environment. There are a lot of free roaming cats and monkeys in the University of Malaysia’s campus. Even in the dormitory!"

Woosong University Review ~ By: Milad Moazzam
"Woosong students reflected such discipline and unity that I had never seen before among Korean students. They really showed that “United we stand, divided we fall.”


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