Friday, August 26, 2011

A Wonderful Trip to Daejeon O-World

Last June, our professor took us to Daejeon O-World (Daejeon Zoo). It was such a nice trip that I’d like to recommend it to you! Don’t miss this great chance to fall in love with Daejeon!

Firstly, we went to the Flower Land and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and amazing fountain. Then we went to the 3D Movie Theatre and had a nice trip with lovely dinosaurs. After that, we took a bus to visit wild animals: squirrel monkeys, spotted hyenas, zebras, camels, chimpanzees, pere David deers, Barbary sheeps and much more. It was such an exciting thing to watch these special animals, many I had only seen on the TV before.
We also visited many theme parks on animals and plants. Last but not least, we visited the Joy Land and had a great time. If you want to visit LotteWorld or EVERLAND, but do not bother to go to Seoul, then come to Joy Land and have fun!
I also heard that you will get a different view of O-World at night or during the Anni-Flower Festival. I am looking forward to visiting it again! This was our tour to Daejeon O-World. How about yours?

Hours of Operation:

Children or Senior citizens: \3000 (admission)/ \18000 (admission +activities)
Youth: \4000 (admission)/ \20000 (admission + activities)
Adult: \8000 (admission)/ \25000 (admission + activities)
Discounts available for family visits or group tours


Lucy Wang is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Railway Management


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