Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome Letter from the Woosong Herald

Welcome to the first online publication of the Woosong Herald, Woosong University’s first campus wide English news organization. Formed in the summer of 2011, the Woosong Herald is comprised of dedicated Woosong students, professors, and administrators.

The mission of the Woosong Herald is to develop high-quality English-only news articles that inform the Woosong community on both university related activities and off-campus events. Additionally, the Woosong Herald is aimed at providing Woosong students and faculty with a unique outlet to develop their English literary skills and journalistic abilities.

This first online publication of the Woosong Herald gives a small sampling of the type of content that readers can expect from our staff of writers. The Woosong Herald website will be updated monthly with fresh and informative content.

Furthermore, the Woosong Herald will launch its first quarterly hardcopy publication starting in September of 2011. Free copies will be available to the Woosong community throughout the campus.

Any students or faculty interested in joining the Woosong Herald should send an email to


Professor Kwak Myun-Sun
Woosong Herald

Samir I. Abdullahi
Chief Editor
Woosong Herald


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