Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Health Tips

Tips for Stress

Do you manage your stress? Stress causes illness and deterioration of health.

We get stressed in our daily life so we must learn to manage our stress.angry-guy

  1. First, if you want to release stress, you should use deep breathing as a way of life. During depression and anxiety, humans use shallow breathing. So in that case, if we practice deep breathing we can lower stress or stop it from happening.
  2. Also, simple exercise is a great help to you. Exercising your body makes you feel more energetic and happy. Concentrating on exercise will also bring warmth to your body.
  3. Do you know the phrase ‘Many hands make light work’? If you have a close friend, talking to them is a great method of reducing stress. A friend’s understanding makes you feel at ease.
  4. Surely doing something you like will get rid of stress. While you do hobbies, your stress runs away quickly. In addition, maybe you can’t pass the day without stress. At times like that you can’t do better than sleep. A sharp mind will become a soft heart.
  5. Most importantly if you take alcohol, caffeine and nicotine of cigarettes, just stop! They are a ‘Castle in the air’. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and will cause you heart rate and blood pressure to increase. This increases your stress in the long run. Temporarily, they make you comfortable and appear to relieve stress. However continually, if you take them to release stress your lifelong results will be bad. You can't ‘have your cake and eat it too’. (Health and Stress).

You have a great responsibility in that you must manage your stress and do so by your main agent.


Staying Healthy through the Winter

The year is started by winter and finished by winter. 2012 has passed and so has the green summer. Now, we welcome winter back to complete the year.

There may be a lot of people who are awaiting winter since this summer was especially hot. Winter is the season of snow, skiing, and Christmas, but Sneezewinter is also the season of cold. The cold is one of the representatives of respiratory disease. It is a viral disease, so prevention is more important than treatment. When the weather becomes cold, people around you catch a cold or the sniffles. You can also have a sore throat and your voice may fail when you wake up. If so, how can you stay healthy during the winter season without getting a cold? I will show you 4 ways to have a healthy winter.

  1. Eat a lot of fruit and and drink a lot of water! Drinking a lot of water increases your metabolism. It is helpful for preventing respiratory disease. Cinnamon, quince and schizandra contain a lot of vitamins. If you brew them and drink it, you can prevent catching a cold. Also, there are fruits that have a lot of vitamins and nourishment like Mandarin, kiwi, and pear which will boost your immunity.
  2. Keep your room clean! The weather becomes colder and colder so, you won’t open the window to air out your room. But, dry air and dust from indoors are bad for the mucous membrane because it makes them irritated. It is important to air out a room regularly and to clean your room to remove the mites and dust.
  3. Live a well-regulated life with proper exercise. It is important to exercise and get rest. It is preferable to lightly walk, stretch and have a rest than to exercise suddenly.
  4. Wash your hands often. A respiratory disease is easy to spread at the hands of a person. So, when you come back home, you must wash your hands. Also, if you go to a public place or use public transportation, you had better wash your hands when you return home.

By doing these things, you can not only prevent catching a cold but have a healthy winter. Finalize your year by making it a fresh and warm winter with a healthy lifestyle!

Staff writers Kim Min je and Hwang-Jinhee.


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