Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the Woosong Counseling Center!

counselling center Last October, I went to the Woosong University’s student counseling center and met with a counselor for an interview. The atmosphere of the center was more comfortable than I expected and counselees were seen during the interview time.

In the interview, one of the counselors spoke to me very kindly.

-Hi, when was this facility established?

-It was established before 2004, but I don’t know the date exactly.

-Yeah, how many counselors work in this facility and what is their major task?

-Three administration assistants, one counselor and one associate professor of the Medical Society and Welfare department work in this facility. We are tasked with not only counseling students who are suffering personal difficulty, trouble about their results, and sexual difficulty , but also do examinations which included the MBIT(personality test), vocational tests, and aptitude tests. Because of studying in the University, Students mainly want to test the MBIT and vocational tests.

-I agree, then, is there someone else for the students who are not fully resolved about their personal difficulties?

-In that case, I advise the student more personally than other ordinary students.

-Okay, what are the problems with students who are suffering not only personal difficulties, but also other issues?

-I think students are very strained about coming to this facility. In the Korean social atmosphere, those who are going to a counseling center or psychiatric hospital seem to some that they have a psychiatric or critical fault, like a stranger. But, this is unrighteous. In other countries, especially western, it is ordinary for individuals to seek psychiatric help.

Even a number of counselees conceal this fact fro people, their close friends and even families.

-Finally, do you have any advice for those who are suffering any difficulties?

-Woosong University students please don’t be scared about coming for counseling at this facility. I will welcome a student in a heartfelt way and hope to help you when you are completely cured about your difficulties as a counselor. Thank you for your questions.

During the interview time, I felt the kindness and sincerity the counselors had for students. I think this facility is necessary to accommodate many students who are  suffering difficulties and hope to activate in Woosong University. Thank you.

Staff writer Park Hyung Joon.


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