Thursday, May 31, 2012

GEEC TOEIC: 700 Students Chose This Class

About 700 students gather every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 P.M. because of the GEEC TOEIC class. GEEC TOEIC is an English language program that has been running at Woosong University since spring of 2010. This spring semester, however, the class has received especial interest from students. The biggest changes are that student participation has increased and the quality of teaching has improved.

“GEEC TOEIC was made to improve TOEIC scores, gain the graduate certification grade, and for students who want to learn more English. The first time, GEEC only interested students who wanted to have a graduate certification grade or participation points for their regular English classes so the student’s passion was not high,” explained Professor DeokGyo Jeong, who is in charge of GEEC TOEIC class at Woosong University. “Of course, some students wanted a good TOEIC score but students didn’t participate because this class started in the evening.”

Jeong added, “With support from the government, students can receive many benefits. For example, the best benefit was students who received the best score last fall and winter semesters went abroad to study at the University of Malaya in Malaysia for about one month.”

The college tuition and dormitory costs were paid for and students paid only living expenses and round-trip plane ticket costs. Students who went to Malaysia will never forget living there.

“GEEC means Green Evening English Class. Even though the class still starts in the evening, the participation of students dramatically increased this semester. Freshman and sophomore’s participation was especially high so I was really surprised and delighted. Not only because of the benefit for them but also because of the passion of students for their English study. Students are really studying hard this semester,” said Jeong.

Last semester, GEEC TOEIC focused on TOEIC and TOEIC Speaking but now GEEC focuses not only on TOEIC but also practical English.

“Due to the passion of students, the school decided to teach not only TOEIC but also practical English with native speakers to freshman and sophomore students. Juniors and seniors who are approaching graduation are studying TOEIC more specifically by level in their GEEC TOEIC class,” said Jeong.

This semester’s GEEC also received government funding, so students who received the best score in GEEC are going to go abroad to study. It has not yet been decided where to go to study abroad. Students are studying hard with expectation for what they will experience.

“GEEC TOEIC is for all Woosong students, so we will steadily develop GEEC TOEIC to focus not only on their graduation certification grade but also their development,” said Jeong. “We hope that they can improve their English ability in GEEC TOEIC class. We also hope that the rate of graduation and employment increases by taking GEEC TOEIC.”

Staff writer Cha SuJi.


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