Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play Hard, Work Harder

3842509936_c7255b8f6b_b copy Who loves to play? I think everyone does. Unless you are a workaholic, I am sure that you love to play. ‘Play,’ used in this way, does not mean playing with dolls but doing what you like and spending time on your hobbies. On the other hand, ‘work’ means not just working like an employee, but also cooking, washing dishes, learning, doing homework and doing our duties as a university student.

In university, the student who works (or studies) really hard is sometimes called a “nerd.” The definition of a nerd, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.” Being a nerd, or we may say, being a very diligent person, can bring some benefits to your life. A nerd usually has better grades, because they study all the time. He or she stands out on the exam, is able to maintain a high G.P.A., and may eventually have a better opportunity to get a job. Like the definition above, however, a nerd who many times lacks some social skills, cannot communicate well enough with others, and goes through a hard time developing good relationships with others.

In contrast to the nerd, there are some students who really love to play. They live their life to the fullest. They do whatever they like. They do their assignments at the very last minute. They feel like there is no tomorrow. Some of them party every night; while some of them do their hobbies crazily, spending all their money and time. They have lots of friends. But everything always has two sides. The party-goer’s G.P.A. is not that good; they pretty much skip most of their classes, postpone their assignments, and obviously, are not very responsible.

In my opinion, having a balanced lifestyle is the best. You can play wherever, whatever, however and whenever. But, since you have duties, especially as a university student, you should make sure you do the work for your future. “Play Hard and Work Hard” is not enough. You should play hard and work harder to be the best among other students. If you do this, you can develop your talents and minimize your weaknesses, and compete on global level.

Is it hard? It all depends on you. I have tried it already. I still love to do my hobbies, party and go out with friends; meanwhile, I have the highest G.P.A. score in class. What will you do then?

Staff writer Alexandra Hana is currently a SolBridge University student majoring in Accounting.


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