Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hanhwa Eagles’ Power Analysis for the Championship

Untitled-1 The Hanhwa Eagles look to recover from a 13-year slump this year with their addition of Park-Chan Ho, the first Korean player in Major League Baseball. The Eagles beat the KIA Tigers 3:2 in a May 8 game, which saw Eagles batter Kim Tae-gyun hit a solo homer in the 6th inning. Although Eagles pitcher Ryu Hyeon Jin, who is recently recovered from an injury, allowed for two points at the top of the 7th, Eagles batter Lee Yeo-sang brought them the win with a drive to right field.

In addition to Park, this year has seen Eagles’ scout Yoo Chang-sik add several new recruits, including: pitcher Ryu, catcher Choe Seung Hwan, and first baseman Jang “The Sniper” Sun-ho. Choe, who comes from the Doosan Bears, has been hitting particularly well so far this season.

Hanhwa will also be depending upon veteran second baseman Han Sang-Hoon and veteran shortstop Lee Dae-su, both of whom did well last year.

Hanwha has been waiting a long time for a championship. Their new lineup has a lot of power and 2012 may very well see them take it.

Staff writer Son SungHun is currently a Woosong University student.


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