Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is He? The Running Old Man?

I have not seen him for a while. Where is he?

I don't know his name; I don't know how old he is. Actually, the only thing I know about him is whenever I saw him he was always running around the yard, running around the Woosong area.

He was old, not very tall, in a black sports suit, ran slowly but nonstop.

After taking a nap, we got up with sleepiness, we went to school, and we saw him for the first time. I cannot remember what day that day was, I cannot remember how long it took me to realize such a crazy old man running around nonstop. Actually, the first utterance I mentioned out about him was "Hey, look, there is the crazy man AGAIN!"

What was his purpose? He was once an athlete and he just couldn't stop running? Given his unfathomable endurance, I can't doubt that. Or maybe he want to stay healthy and livelonger? Yes, everyone wants to and not everyone is able to be so persistent. Or as I said, he must be crazy. If I keep trying to figure this out, I'll go insane first.

But, he has gone now. I still cannot remember the last time I saw him. I didn't care before, but now I care. I want to solve this puzzle.

Why did he stop running around? Did he move away and begin to run in another place? Is he ill? It’s not strange for a running old man to get ill? He felt tired? He got more crazy? As I said before, he is a puzzle. I want to know, but it doesn't matter because some puzzles are meant to be left unsolved

He has his own special story. We’re strangers who watch him but we don't know who he is.

Ying Cheng Hao is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Railway Communication Engineering 


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