Tuesday, October 4, 2011

K-Pop Sucesses and Cultural Understanding: Moving Beyond the Old World for the Better

It surely is a belching of catchy melodies and moves on stages that enthrall countless Asian populations over the years. It has reached beyond the peninsula and has succeeded in augmenting the recognition of a country and is being carefully examined by potential new fans over in Europe. Popularity stemming from the efforts of the K-pop indusrty is surely a thing that cannot be overlooked and surely can be evaluated as a success in realizing how the industry, which  has grown so much. At least, it is impactful enough for my foreign friends to gather together in the morning to watch the popular show Dream Concert

Several efforts to prolong the renowned accomplishments of K-Pop are in progress. Just a few months ago, at the SolBridge International School of Business, students encountered a poster presenting a specialized Hallyu’course, offering lessons on the K-pop industry from a business perspective. Hallyu is a Korean terminology designating the ample effects of Korean cultural impact on foreign countries. In the same context, some entertainment corporations are establishing organization that are systematically growing K-pop musicians. Governmental efforts to aid such a flow are in progress as well. 

Negative attitudes by many journalists jotting very impulsive expressions in describing such success is surely a thing to be looked at while watching continued progress in K-pop. Rather than understanding in pertinent business point of view, how some of them using such terms like ‘dominance’ ‘rule’ ‘captivating’ explaining K-pop presented in Europe shows how much they lack suitable attitude in cultural diversity wise. Among several constituents that have driven the industry into the status is the successful timing and marketing strategies used at proper place. Collaboration of Western artists bearing insight on Westerners taste surely helped forming fandom. Systematic training of artists over long period of time also boosted long term success of industry. Production laid great product attracting consumers. It is not ‘reign’ or ‘dominance’ over the culture of foreign countries that represents success which can be very insulting to the public of other cultures. 

Such problematic interpretation stems at conventional perception of people understanding such nominating chance as a way to presenting patriotism. While recognition of the country can naturally be exuding to other culture afterwards of cultural experience, it is not a stage to discuss such effect. Again, it’s the considerate process that led the industry to meet the preference of the consumers rather than old school translation of such motivation as patriotism which is presented from the mind of such writers professing such terms. 

Depreciation of achievement in the industry can never be the case when empirical data clearly shows how it has been gaining great results. How the industry can further progress still needs careful scrutinizing on the potential. In understanding cultural diversity and respect towards foreign cultural atmosphere, not only people should deter using improper words but understand the situation in business view point rather than conventional interpretation which is aberration of nowadays state.

Joo-Won Lee is currently a Woosong Student studying at the SolBridge International School of Business 


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