Tuesday, October 25, 2011

China: A Paradise Of Food

On an early morning last July, 10 students of Woosong University gathered at Gimpo Airport. They’re the winners of Woosong’s Chinese Speech Competition which was held last May, myself included. Especially I have a lots of interests about Chinese cuisine so that was a great chance for me. ‘Chinese cuisine’, ‘French cuisine’ and ‘Turkish cuisine’ is commonly listed as the worlds 3 best cuisines. Especially China is one of the food paradises. For example, someone said “Chinese people eat all food except chairs, desks and airplanes which have 4 legs or are flying things.”

We took 2 hours to Beijing International Airport and the bus drove for ages then arrived at Beijing Foreign Studies University which we lived at for 10 days. That place is familiar to me because I studied there one semester last year.

Our Beijing schedule was so tight. The Great Wall which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Forbidden City which took 3 days to explore, the Summer Palace which is Empresses summer house, Jing Mountain Park which you can see the whole Forbidden City, 798 Art district which you can see Chinese modern arts, Xiang mountain where you only can see a maple in Beijing, Peking University which has a beautiful campus rarely seen before. We saw every famous place in Beijing. Every time I go I feel that Beijing is huge.

Beijing food is also commonly listed as one of the China’s best 4 foods. Beijing duck which is sliced by professional chefs and Beijing’s traditional black bean noodles are one of the delicacies. Everywhere in Beijing city, you can find lamb skewers but it’s very cheap and if you eat with a beer that might be heaven.

After 10 days of the Beijing trip we took a train for 6 hours and arrived at Shanxi. Also Shanxi was enough to overwhelm us. We were so tired because of a long time rude but Shanxi food was also enough to recharge us up. Especially wheat is widely cultivated in Shanxi, so renowned for it’s noodle. Some historian said pasta of Italy was spread from Shanxi by the Silk Road.

Huge and grand Chinese historical remains always speculate me and China always teaches me things. I hugely appreciate Woosong university for giving all of us a chance to have a good meaningful experiences.

Seo-Yoo Seok is currently a Woosong Student majoring in Culinary Arts;


China is rich in diversity and the mainland dishes are vast as well. Each region has a unique armada of dishes that is a cultural trademark.
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