Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Friends, Ready to Learn Some Czech?

Ahoj” (Hi), yes, that’s the first Czech word you learn today. Are you wondering why Czech? Because our city, Daejeon, is welcomed 11 friends coming from the nation of the Czech Republic. They are following a Korean government  program for the youth and Daejeon was one of their destinations.

However, we still have a greater news. Some of our students actually got the chance to meet, discuss and debate with the delegates. Held by Debridge, SolBridge International School of Business Debate Squad, a workshop was conducted on Wed, Sept 7th in the SolBridge building. In the workshop, through demonstration debate rounds and discussion, we shared our opinions about the very current issue going on in Korea right now: the reunification of the two Koreas. 

Even though people took different sides, some may support, some may oppose but in the end, everyone got a better understanding of the situation, some thoughts to bring home and the most important is lots of new friends. That’s how debate bridges the gaps and brings people closer to each other. 

Thanks to all the Debridge members and coaches who helped to make this workshop successful, thanks to the Czech republic delegate for coming and participating. 

It’s time to say “Nashledanov” (Goodbye) to our new friends, we all hope they would enjoy their the rest of their trip in Korea and we would have a chance to meet again.

My Nguyen is currently a Woosong Student studying at the SolBridge International School of Business 


I'm a prospective Woosong university English teacher. Just browsing the web site to prepare for my interview. This was a cool article to read as I just returned from 7 weeks in the Czech Republic, during which I took a one-week czech language class at Akcent International House Prague, and the 4-week CELTA course offered at the same school's Teacher Training Center. It was a great experience for me.
I am glad the Czech delegation had a chance to visit Korea and learn more about the north/south situation. Would be great to continue such an international bridging between Korea and the Czech Republic. Naschledanou!!

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