Friday, July 27, 2012

Most Teenagers are Affected Negatively by Skinny Teen Pop Idols in Korea

Korean Singers The bad effects of skinny idol groups have been growing recently. Teen pop idols are increasing in popularity at a fast pace in Korea. Moreover, most of them are composed of teenagers who are respected by their peers. One problem is the bad effect on teenagers who see the idols with skinny bodies and beautiful faces on the TV screen. Teenagers always struggle to shape their body to be slimmer and go on harsh diets to be like a doll. Furthermore, they depend on medical treatment as well. However, most teenagers will judge the idols by the way they look, not by the tough course which they‘ve been through.

As a result of this atmosphere, a number of teenage students who should be full of energy to grow in playground settings, go hungry themselves to be like idols. Besides, many teenage girls use too much makeup, which is not age-appropriate.

The other problem is the title of ‘idol’. Because most groups of teen pop idols have a pretty face, the image of ‘idols’ is regarded by teenagers as a girl or boy who has a good looking face and skinny body.

“Everyday new singer groups have appeared. There are so many that I can't recognize them. Because geeks are crazy about handsome and pretty idols, the singer’s popularity has ups and downs," said high school student, Sin JeaHyup.

"There are many students who are skinny or very fat. I have seen a lot of tall, skinny models and unhealthy students hooked on those idols’ appearances. So they wear lots of makeup on their faces even if they are only teenagers,” said JeaHyup. Most teens know well how they are affected by an idols’ appearance.

"Today there are so many idols that appear for just a moment, and if they debut as a singer, they are using their appearance to make money with commercial entertainment,” said Yang SoonWha, a woman in her forties. “Also, these days, idols all appear the same kind of handsome or pretty. I think idols’ appearances can cause children to try hard diets and make them focus on appearance when they meet people at first."

Through these interviews we can know: age isn’t a matter to know how people recognized the negative influence of idol's appearance. Judging a person by his or her appearance is today's trend, but popularity does not last long in life. Actually, people prefer a singer of ability more than one with nice appearance alone. Pretty and beautiful idols’ real fans are few and they move their affections from here to there with every new trend. It’s not a love for the singers, but praise of their appearance.

Should we stand by and watch the negative effects of teen’s affection for idols? Or is it already too late? As Korea is growing and the world of singers is growing, idol's popularity abroad is getting bigger and bigger. If success is based on looks, various problems in Korea will increase. As Korean idols enter the overseas market, it seems we have a homework problem past due to be solved.

Guest writers Cora Shin and Carla Kang.


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