Friday, July 13, 2012

Movie Review: 500 Days of Summer

Scene_Slate “It’s not a love story.” This is the warning shown at the very beginning of the movie. It’s not a movie that makes you want to cry or makes you feel romantic. The only thing important was that love does not come with rules. 500 Days of Summer represents a simple love story in a totally different way.

Here is the normal part of this movie. Tom (Joseph Gordon) met a girl who did not believe in love, Summer (Zooey Deschanel). The poor boy who always believed in the purity of love believed that this girl was there only for him. Without any surprise, they started a relationship in the usual manner. Starting with excitement, their relationship became sweet and they started to trust each other. In the end, however, as the girl said at the very beginning, a commitment was not what she wanted. Therefore, without any surprise, they broke up in a typical way. The question remains, what makes this movie unique?

First of all, as an independent movie, it can take the risk to try new cinematography methods because the investment is not as high as those commercial movies. As 500 Days of Summer did, it didn’t tell the story in chronological order. After watching this movie for 5 minutes, you can tell where the plot would go eventually. It was not mysterious at all. Also, it wasn’t ordered in a typical fashion; it seemed like the scenes were simply chosen randomly. But the most amazing part is that, by watching this movie, the audience gets the chance to revisit their own stories and hopefully develop a deep understanding about what love is.

Secondly, super-attractive actors and actresses surely could not have made the audience feel as strong as neighbor-like characters. The directors certainly knew this marketing tact and chose Joseph Gordon and Zooey Deschanel as the main characters. This was not the first time the two actors worked together. They had a tacit understanding and made the characters and the story so home-like that the resonance was almost guaranteed.

Even two years after its premiere, 500 Days of Summer is still a good movie to watch. Want a love story with a different taste? Spend two hours on a quiet night and enjoy this movie.

Staff writer Ying ChengHao is currently a Woosong University student majoring in Railway Electrical Engineering.


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